Monday, September 25, 2017

Get Ready To Throw And Ho Ho Ho!

We need to get it done. This post must be spun. It just has to be. Bah, that I can see. I don't want to think about it. Nope, not one bit. So I'll fix that. I'll follow a human stat.

Today I can't post.
Nope, not at my coast.
I just can't work.
That is so not a perk.

The keyboard is screwed.
It is being rude.
Or maybe it's me.
I'm not telling thee.

Here you go.
I rhyme from a foe.
I paid them off.
Come now, don't scoff.

I can rhyme.
I keep time
I can rhyme.
I keep time.

Wow, that was a perk.
Hmm, maybe needs work.
I'll throw more money at it.
We can't have it be shit.

I can rhyme more.
I get an encore.
I can rhyme more.
I get an encore.

That was sad.
It's borderline bad.
Maybe a bit more dough.
I don't know though.

I can rhyme more more.
I get an encore encore.
I can rhyme more more.
I get an encore encore.

That gave me a rash.
I need to find more cash.
Here, have some more.
I know you can soar.

I can rhyme more more more.
I get an encore encore encore.
I can rhyme more more more.
I get an encore encore encore.

I somehow don't think it got fixed. I guess that idea is nixed. You humans have such dumb ideas at your sea. Good thing I have no money anyway to go on a spree. Do you just throw money at it and hope it gets fixed? That idea may need to be deep sixed. Sometimes it crumbles like glass. That would hurt if it stuck in my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Remembering Plot Or Not!

The cat looks here and there and all registers at our lair, but do we remember all at every moment of every day? Pffft we aren't an elephant at our bay. Some days in they won't click. Others they shall some slick.

A remembering time.
Easy as can be.
It is a crime,
If not done by thee.

A crime just because.
Because you never thought.
Oh look, some fuzz.
I've forgotten that plot.

You were on the go.
Making sure life stayed sane.
But oh know,
Forgot one thing in your brain.

That is so bad.
So bad of you.
I'm now mad.
So mad I'll moo.

It's the end of times.
Cats and dogs as one.
Everyone loves mimes.
There will be no more fun.

It was only one time.
One time it slipped your mind.
But that is a crime.
Who cares about the grind.

I remembered it.
So should you.
You have the wit.
But you haven't a clue.

I never said a word.
I still remembered though.
You are just a lazy turd.
Tonight you'll eat crow.

Literally eat it.
That's all for you.
Hear my fit.
Every word is true.

It is all up to me.
I remembered every bit.
That plant you can clearly see,
You forgot to water it.

Ever get someone nag at you like that? When with all their whining they could have done the task in no time flat? I've seen it a time or two. Many get upset about the stupidest things coming due. It's especially dumb when someone has a ton of things on the go. They can't remember every little thing every minute of every day at their show. Yet upset one surely turns to instead of just turning to do. Do it and it's done, no need for poor you to be spun. Do you hold a grudge against such a lad or lass? Pffft is all that can be said by my once in a blue moon forget to remember little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Time To Appease The Many Fleas!

The movies can't be good. Nope, can't just make them like that at any hood. That is just uncalled for. They may then actually be worth an encore. We have to stick to the script. The one that you don't see flipped.

Here you go.
Tied in a bow.
Before you start,
Fill the cart.

Your idea is great.
But all can't relate.
You need more.
So open the door.

Time to appease.
Appease the fleas.
You need them all.
Follow the ball.

Damn if it's good.
Who cares if it's understood.
That isn't our goal.
Have to appease the whole.

A character must be gay.
That is just the way.
You must add them in.
It's a must for a win.

A character must be Latino, Asian and Black.
We don't want any flack.
Plus we have to appeal to the Chinese market.
Want them to fill the seats and park it.

Wait, it's an all color cast?
That won't last.
Throw a white guy in.
Force it so we win.

A character must have muscles.
Can even be from Brussels.
Don't forget the shirt off scenes.
Can be with or without jeans.

A character must have big breasts and be skinny.
She can have a stupid name like Babs or Winnie.
She doesn't even need to talk.
We just want people to come and gawk.

What was that?
This movie feels flat?
Who cares, it has it all.
That is all we need so follow the bouncing ball.

You can so tell when they force such things. Nothing but puppeteers pulling strings. If it is part of the story, great, add it in. Otherwise pfffft is all I can say at my bin. Do you force characters or such in just to appease? The cat can give some extra audience of fleas. I'm sure they are around here somewhere in mass. There may even be one waiting to view on my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.