Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Little Delay Here Today!

The cat was going to post this 10 years ago. Even before I had a blog it was going to show. Yeah, isn't that a feat? I'd have still been in university and on that party street.

This post was made.
The path was laid.
But the host got drunk.
Whoops, lost in a trunk.

It finally rose.
That's how it goes.
Whoops, host got a job.
Beat out poor Bob.

Still working elsewhere.
You can sit and stare.
Won't make it come faster.
You may as well plaster.

Ran out of money.
That isn't funny.
So we're stuck on pause.
I know, no applause.

The cat did another post.
This one got sent to the coast.
It was burnt like toast.
Damn, I may roast.

It will post today.
Whoops, went astray.
It needs more work.
6 stanzas isn't a perk.

The post is glitchy.
That may make some bitchy.
We have to fix it.
Can't have that shit.

This post is against another.
It will sure smother.
We want our post to be seen.
That other more popular post is so mean.

This post needs new marketing.
Maybe some telemarketing.
See? It used a cheat rhyme.
More marketing isn't a crime.

Finally it's out.
Doesn't it have clout?
Only took ten years.
Now let out your cheers.

Don't you love delays? They come in many a ways. Games sure get delayed their fair share. Some movies and books do by the pair. Many a thing sure can get a delay. Many excuses too at play. Some delays are needed to come to be. Others are just excuses for all to see. But had to poke fun at delays in mass. It was delayed long enough by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Please Wait For Every Trait!

Please wait comes due a time or two. The cat is seeing it right now as a slow ass site loads some how. That set me off for today and so we'll have our please wait say.

Please wait...
A fine trait.
They are nice,
No screw you or lice.

Phones and sites,
Have it in lights.
Need help or a PIN.
Please wait gets the win.

But it gets very thin,
When for everything it's given a spin.
Could cause strife,
If please wait was for all of life.

A bomb is about to go boom.
The whole city will be covered in a mushroom.
Can disarm with a few seconds to go.
Please wait...boom, a crater below.

A heart transplant is taking place.
Everything is done at a steady pace.
Whoops, the various thingys stop.
Please wait....damn, you joined the dead crop.

You are about to be shot dead.
Someone wants to shoot you in the head.
The gun trigger is pulled,
Please wait....you run away not lead fulled.

You go to a bank machine.
Those buttons sure aren't clean,
But you use it to get your dough.
Please wait....the line up continues to grow.

You go to a new job.
You beat out poor Bob.
You get to the door ready to work.
Please wait...eventually we'll need a new clerk.

You wait for a rhyme.
The cat's daily chime.
It doesn't show up.
Please wait....stuck with a hiccup.

Please wait....I'm soon done.
Please wait....look there's sun.
Please wait....a new rhyme will be spun.
Please wait....at least I'm polite to everyone.

Any more where please wait would suck? I'm sure there are many where please wait would pass the buck. Please wait sure can't be used for all. Then things would really stall. Yeah, I know fulled is a bad grammar pass. But please wait while I decide if it bothers my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

We Sure Know When We Go!

Cassie is a bit more wiser than I as things catch her eye. Hey, she's done it way more. That is my excuse at our shore. She can tell when it's time to go. But I don't take too long to get in the know.

Cassie knows.
No stuff in rows.
She's just aware,
With one quick stare.

See? I learn.
We won't return.
My cat house is apart.
I don't take that to heart.

Into hide mode I go.
High, not low.
Can't reach me. 
But you can still see.

Can't now.
I don't meow.
I have the dark.
Here I will park.

 I'd rather stay,
Then deal with the other bay.
A basket case is just what I need.
There they grow like a weed.

A scaredy cat.
I like that.
Can chase her away,
Any old day.

The box cat.
Who needs that?
I can pack him up though.
Mail away another foe.

The bouncer kitty.
He's not in a city.
That is where he needs to go.
So see ya later to another foe.

The fluff ball.
Chase him down the hall.
He can be a duster.
After all the dusting he looses his luster.

And then there's the poser.
What a brown noser.
 But if he gets too close to me,
On him I'll do number 2 with glee.

I guess I have a way of thinning out the pack. I just need to go on the attack. Do you have foes to stop? Have such a big crop? The mutts I'll have to work on next time. Dealing with those butt sniffers is just a crime. At least I took care of one furry mass. They won't be bothering my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.