Saturday, October 22, 2016

Forward And Back On The Attack!

The cat was browsing this and that, yeah that can be done by a cat, and the dumb ads popped up here and there. I ignore them without a care. But they do get a pffft out of me. Especially when some words I see.

Ads we've done.
Can be fun.
Full of fluff.
We know that stuff.

But do you look?
Look at the hook.
Hook or by crook.
A crook with a hook.

Not a Peter Pan villain.
Captain Hook is still chillin.
Maybe that was Once Upon a Time.
Look, I worked a plug into my chime.

Bad cat.
Can't have that.
Once is enough.
On with this stuff.

Got the hook?
Too many to give a look.
So I'll tell you.
No need to give a clue.

One step forward, two steps back.
That is this hook's attack.
But you don't see it coming.
Whoops, a clue wasn't supposed to come chumming.

Can a clue chum?
Beats my rhyming bum.
I'm asking you.
Is it true?

Hook or by crook.
Give this a look.
I'll move the rook.
Pawn on the hook.

This doesn't lack.
The best hook ever.
Aren't we clever?

Only spend 1000's on it,
And not only will it make you the shit,
You'll get CASH BACK too.
Isn't that too good to be true?

Pffft one step forward two steps back indeed. Fall for that hook at your feed? It's okay to give them tons of dough, you'll get CASH BACK you know. No other place gives you such a deal. Come and let out a squeal. Pffft to that hook says the singing bass. Can't hook him or my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 21, 2016

It May Scare You When You See That View!

The scary month is here. That you already know as in comes the fear. The cat will give you more fear today though. I don't even need zombie feet to show.

It's the no arm rest.
That passes the test.
It is scary to one and all.
Having no arm rest at your hall.

The sheet tear.
Making holes to spare.
That will scare everyone.
Holes by the ton.

The no eared cat.
How scary is that?
 Now I'll never hear you.
Don't have to pretend not to.

The sprinkler pose.
Oopsy, there it goes.
Don't go blaming the pet.
The sprinkler made you wet.

The cat butt hole.
Look at that stroll.
That is so scary to see.
I won't blame you if you flee.

The what is that?
So scary where you're at.
Could be a ghost over there.
Just look at that stare.

The germs on me.
On a cleaning spree.
You touched me before.
You now have germs galore.

The ball of doom.
Around it will zoom.
It will then pop out and smack you in the eye.
It's so scary you may cry.

The you can't reach me.
The what do I see?
The I'm gonna jump on your head.
Three scares in one may leave you dead.

And the cat hair in your bed.
That is so scary when said.
Look at that cat hair there.
 I've got plenty to spare.

Are you all scared now? I know you are somehow. No need to run and flee. It's only a little cat hair from me. I would never jump on your head. Pffft well maybe if you were lying in bed. Was that such a scary pass? Enjoy being scared of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Round Fifty One Continues The Scary Fun?

Can it really be fun when such nuts find me? Bah, gives me a post at my sea. I guess it can't be all bad, even if such nuts below are mad. Mad as in they need to be locked in the looney bin. I'm sure some would consider that a win.

Chip Chap

Flip Flap. Clip Clap!

a little bit thick

Thick in the head? Or those at club med?

my mouse played piano

That is a skill. Did chopsticks fit the bill?

closet sex is appealing

Until a hanger pokes out your eye then things may not be so spry.

appealing grunt work

No such thing. Unless you are referring to a fling.

movies that got remade 

Easier to make a list of ones that did not. Hollywood has brain rot.

kangaroo poop big?

Do I look like a kangaroo? Go ask Blue and his shoe.

snow days r us

You can make it snow? Pffft go eat a crow.

boom boom weiners

Do I even want to know? Oscar Mayer have a new foe?

glass in my ass

That has to sting. See a doctor at your wing.

on a merry go round of life sucks

Get off the merry go round. Maybe a swing will be found.

how many berries are in my ear

Too many I fear. But I won't shed a tear.

googling google

That like written writing? My, such a sighting.

cats are taking over my brain

I think not. Up there there is too much rot.

And the winner this time sure liked to rhyme. I guess that isn't a crime. Unless they are a mime. Although a crime is their chime. I'll let them deal with the grime.

laughing as I rol n shit my pants ants

So they are talking to ants about shitting in their pants? Woweee, that has to impress those ants. Or maybe not. Could make noses everywhere rot. I hope that wasn't typed by any of you. That would just be scary to come due. I'd rather go talk to the singing bass. He is much more interesting to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.