Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Make It Work Kinda Perk?

The cat was sleeping here at home and Pat went out to roam. Actually he went out to babysit but I guess that counts as roaming a bit. Glad we didn't have to go. Hair pullers are scary don't you know.

Fine and dandy,
Fill em full of candy.
That's the cat's way.
But then they'll play.

Whoops, it broke.
Poke, poke, poke.
Make it work.
Don't be a jerk.

Hmm the battery is dead.
Can fix it he said.
New batteries came due.
Fixed without glue.

Whoops, that broke.
Come back here bloke.
Fix this site.
I want to play minecraft all night.

Pulled the plug.
No more blocks to be dug.
Stuck it back in.
Poof, instant win.

Whoops, that broke.
I'll go get a coke.
While you can fix it.
I'll be back in a bit.

Hit the buttons right.
The TV took flight.
Easy as can be.
Now a show you can see.

All fine and dandy,
Shove in more candy.
Hey, it works.
At least for candy clerks.

Whoops, that broke.
Poke, poke, poke.
Fix this internet site.
It no longer sees the light.

Whoops, that stays broken.
There is no magic token.
The site is down.
On comes the frown.

Geez, things get broken a lot that aren't really broken. Maybe a new word needs to be spoken? Ever have to fix what isn't broken at your sea? Hey, at least it is as easy as can be. But when the real broken comes may get a few flapping gums. I'll just stay home with Cass and actually make sure I break things with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, September 23, 2016

With Round Fifty They Get Nifty!

We are now half way to 100 at my sea. Only took a few years for 50 to come to be. The search engine nuts keeping finding my place though. We may reach 100, you never know.

stupidity of black friday shopping rhyme

Humans are dumb. That's all you need, chum.

touch me boobie

Do you want yours to be felt or do you want to touch them as you have stuff below the belt?

my dog ate my booger

Protein I suppose. Wait! Were you picking your nose?

follow the nut

Does it roll away? Ice Age come to play?

butts nuts2015

Oh, those kind of nuts. I won't follow them or nuts attached to butts.

a little bit thick

Now you got me all gutter with your mind all a flutter.

pull my finger you over toned man

Umm err okay. Arnold came out to play?

why can't I type right today

Maybe your left went right and that screwed up your plight?

will there be toys in the 

In the what? Don't leave me hanging like an un-snip snipped mutt.

my grandma says profanity

Mine does too. Who knew?

horses eat hay and cows

He needs new facts. Maybe Adam will do some horse acts.

ride the pony tail express

Long hair is fine. Chewed on my the feline.

in for a penny in for a donut

A cop joke? Use it and you may choke.

make a face and slap it

That would hurt a bit.I'll just watch you slap your stupid shit.

And the winner for fifty you all may find nifty. Or you may have to scrub your brain. At least there is no visual pain. I wouldn't do that to you. Plus, I don't want to search it out at my zoo.

Scrubbed dicks raw for cold cash

Hmm, is that a nifty trick for some lass? Ouch, is all I can say to that pass. Even if I am snip snip you will never ever get a scrubbing trip. Is cold cash better than luke warm cash? Either way mine takes a dash. Have you ever tried the above? Doesn't it scream love? Yeah, screams more like a psycho lass. If that is your thing, stay far far away from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Useless Thing Still Given A Ring!

Did you know that many countries have given pennies the heave ho? Wowee, that must mean things really went to shit you know. We can't not have a penny for your thoughts. We just need lots. Err umm, nope. Maybe the US should finally yank out the rope.

Pennies are great.
Idioms are first rate.
That we sure know.
Already gave that a go.

Pennies are worth one cent.
Duh, does your brain have a dent?
Are you saying that to me?
Thinking it at your sea?

But guess what?
They must be made by a mutt.
They cost more than one cent to make.
Hmmm, need a double take?

One cent costs more than one cent.
Damn, whoever made that has a dent.
Let's keep things that cost more to make than what they are worth.
That oh so very great knowledge should be spread across Earth.

Whoopsy, other countries got a grip.
They let the penny rip.
Saving some dough with ease.
Boy, was that a breeze.

But wait, there is a penny brigade.
Their mandate is to never let the penny fade.
Nope, can't have that.
Some have brains of scat.

Oh and we can't give them the heave ho.
We need to fill space in a news show.
That is right one and all.
Some days there are no shootings to give a call.

So we need to go throw pennies on the ground.
We love to hear their clanging sound.
Then we film and watch as people go by.
They don't pick up pennies when they catch their eye.

Woweee, that is first rate news.
How can such a story lose?
It has only been done 1000 times before.
What's one more encore.

And there is one other reason.
We surely can't commit penny treason.
People need them so they can throw them in the trash.
Garbage workers need a tip in cash.

Pfffft, do you pick pennies up off the ground? I had to give this a go when an article was found. All the reasons the penny won't die south of the border. Hmm, which is the lamest of that order? I'm not sure what would take the cake. But a penny millionaire they could make. Estimated to be millions of pennies in landfills. Go digging and you could have millionaire thrills. A disease may also come to pass. Those landfills are far too germy for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.