Monday, April 24, 2017

An Every Day Where We Stay!

The cat finds it fun so this has to be done. Fun with word fun. A double must be done. A double whammy maybe? I can wham at my sea. My wham is more of a slam. But we don't need to get into that jam.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx qua___, ___!

An every day thing.
Today I'll sing.
Sing like a canary.
Not like Little House on the Prairie.

Why did that pop out?
Who knows what it's about.
I'm delaying you say?
Bah, we'll get there, okay?

You can't catch me.
I can sure flee.
But when your laces are half gone,
That makes you less knight more pawn.

Hungry you say?
Some bread on a tray?
What? Don't look at me.
You ate it in your last spree.

The toilet paper is gone?
You found it on the lawn?
Who rolled that all out?
What is that one about?

Your baked goods went missing?
Looks like someone was kissing?
Who'd kiss a baked good?
Maybe your baking is just misunderstood.

That meat tray walked off?
Now, now, don't scoff.
You can go vegan for a day.
I now have to go play.

 Your sheets have holes?
The fabric was taken by moles?
Damn, mole sheet eaters.
Worse than trick or treaters.

Your watch is long gone?
Who pulled such a con?
Those pesky watch thieves are about.
You better watch out.

Stop staring at me.
I think it's time I flee.
Oh, right it can be flee for A.
So I will absquatulate away.  

Aren't I such a pesky cat? I say poppy cock to such accusations where I'm at. Why would I absquatulate with muffins or bread? Do you see them under the bed? Oh, there were crumbs in the litter box? Hmmm maybe it was left by a fox? I think I'm digging a deeper hole with each pass. It's time I absquatulate away with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Come For A Thrill With No Need For A Pill!

Humans sure get aroused easy enough. Don't even need to be in the buff. The cat thinks they are nuts. Who wants to see their naked butts? But now you gotta catch them all? Oh how far they fall.

Gotta catch them all.
Out and have a ball.
A ball that is thrown.
Makes a funny tone.

Nope, not half snip snip.
That would be a wasted trip.
Nope, not an std or three.
Although some have such a spree.

It's time to thrill.
The cat may feel ill.
But humans like it.
More than a bit?

Even a bit?
What is this umm shit?
Who comes up with this?
That hard up for a kiss.

Time for the view.
Stripping for you.
Hundreds in the crew.
Nope, no orgy for you.

Time to show your very best.
Gotta be better than the zest.
Like no one ever was.
I'm done mocking that just because.

Okay, maybe not.
As you travel the land a lot.
Only carrying six at a time.
Actually you only need two if in your prime.

Comes in many sizes.
With the hope it rises.
Of course it may fall flat,
If you aren't into that.

Back to the ball.
Throw it out for all.
Poof, out it comes.
You see some bare bums.

Pikachu is on display,
In such a provocative way.
As you get ready to battle.
Those walls may sure rattle.

Have you guessed it? What is with my Pokemon gutter fit? How could I be so crass? Oh right, they now have Pokemon lingerie for every lass. Would that just get you raring to go? Pikachu showing high and low. Now that is what we call a thrill at our hall. Excuse the cat while I hawk up a hairball. Ready to see Pokemon lingerie on your lad or lass? No need to really tell my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

It's True, A U Not You!

Hey, don't get greedy at my sea, leave that to me. I used you for y. I can't use you for u a second try. That might make a theme. Who needs one of those at our stream? Not little old me. I just let it fly free. Are you saying I do? Well poo on you.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx qu____, ___!

This you need.
That you don't.
Do the deed,
Or fun you won't.

Tell you U.
Tell you A.
Without a clue,
You have your say.

Bourne gave it.
This way or that.
A tat for tit,
Not where it's at.

Tit for tat,
Doesn't work too.
Trust the cat.
I gave a clue.

Comment or die.
Read or burn.
Jump or fly.
Work or don't return.

The first is the want.
The second the bad.
With it they taunt.
Out to lunch a tad.

Buy or fry.
Lose or die.
Pay or die.
Death, oh my.

It's a safe bet,
Even for this pet.
You use the biggest threat.
It may or may not be met.

Some have hot air.
Others a want.
Some pull their hair.
Others just taunt. 

The decision is on you.
You must make the final stand.
If no belief is true,
Tell them to pound sand.

Got my U today? If not you may be caused dismay. Not really at my sea. It is just the word play coming to be. Hints were thrown. Got it at the tone? The Bourne one was easy. Should be all easy peasy. Okay, I'll tell. U is for ultimatum where we dwell. Don't you love being given those? Do you give them and cause others woes? Notice how the second is always something bad? I guess that's the point to be had. Whether used by lad or lass ultimatums can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.