Monday, December 5, 2016

Don't Bank On The Blank!

Last year people went bat shit crazy because Star Bucks was hazy. Yeah, no Christmas on the side. Woweee, that is something to talk about far and wide. But the cat will join in. We don't want a repeat spin.

Look at you,
Christmas in view,
Can't say another thing.
Nope, just tunes you sing.

Forget the rest.
Christmas has to be the best.
No others holidays.
Christmas just pays.

Happy holidays is even bad,
At least to some at their pad.
Can't have that.
Not even from a rat.

Look, it's a red shirt.
With you I can't flirt.
You are wearing red and it's blank.
Go get hit by a tank.

Oh my, a red towel.
That makes me howl.
It has no Christmas pic.
You are such a dick.

Some red shoes.
Those sing the blues.
They don't even have an elf.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

A red painted house.
I curse you and your mouse.
That is sooooo wrong.
I hope you get crushed by King Kong.

Look at that red car.
My, that can take you far.
I hope it goes right into a ditch,
You Christmas hating bitch.

You have red undies.
Maybe even red fundies.
Both is such a shame.
No sex you will claim.

Red makes me see red.
Red with no Christmas bed.
You must clearly say Christmas only.
Who cares if other holidays get lonely.

Pfffffft says the cat. Wowee, only red where one is at. That is oh so bad. Let's rant about it from pad to pad. Being forced to say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas is dumb. Should be able to say what you want, chum. But whining because of the color of a cup makes the cat realize there is more brains in a pup. I better go hide after this rhyming pass because I've been sitting and now I have a red little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The I Is Ever So Spry!

Maybe you thought I meant eye? Your eye can be spry as it gives reading a try. A confusing read from me may come to be. It could hurt the brain of thee. We used them all. Get it yet at my hall?

Here is the cat.
I am where I'm at.
That much is true.
A least true to you.

Maybe true to me.
True as can be.
Me and I and you.
We may as well go to the zoo.

I did whatever alone.
Whoops, hold the phone.
Don't you hold a phone anyway?
Not like you throw it in the bay.

Anyway, hold that thing.
Let the thing ring.
For two did it.
I wasn't the only bit.

It was a we.
We made it come to be.
But nope I used I.
Maybe me was given a try.

Me, me, me.
Look! Times three.
There was no you.
No we came due.

It was said.
Put to bed.
Now we is I.
I told a lie.

Was done by I,
But we did fly.
The we beat the I.
We are now upon high.

I was what did it.
But we took the hit.
Now we is the true.
Even if I had the only clue.

I did that in the end,
But you bucked the trend.
You got the blame.
I relinquished the claim.

Get where the cat went? Or did you gent bent? As in brain out of whack. That has to suck at your shack. Don't you love how I can become we or you or me? We can become I or you or me to be. Vice versa and flip flop. People tend to believe where the buck does stop. Or maybe they believe he or she who shouts in the loudest mass. It sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Intruders Galore With The Same Encore!

So as we gave the month's notice a while back and prepared to move from our shack, which we may or may not have written about by now, intruders galore came with a raised eyebrow.

You have cats?
Asked the dingbats.
Like they didn't see us run away.
Blind as a bat I say.

But there is no smell.
Like what the hell?
Pat has OCD.
He cleans the litter after we pee.

That cat house is huge.
No shit, stooge.
Humans are dumb.
Stating the obvious and then some.

How many cats are here?
We heard that come near.
Heard it more than once.
Three times from the same dunce.

That cat house is a palace.
What is this? Reruns of Dallas?
At least it beats a remake.
Sadly, there was many a double take.

You have two cat towers?
Idiocy must come in showers.
There was two in sight.
So two took flight.

That is one big litter box.
They may or may not have got litter on their socks.
Serves them right we say.
It was the month of obvious statements at our bay.

Do the cats use it?
Nah, they squat and have a shit.
They do it anywhere it all.
Pffft and I'm a dog at my hall.

That is a mighty large house for the cats.
And back to the repeat dingbats.
Can I go take a nap?
Gotta love, not really, the repeat crap.

And what about the place?
What did they say to it's embrace?
Why that one they all repeated too.
There isn't much of a view.

Really, that is all 99.99% of them said about the place. The rest of the time they were taking about us in our space. Don't you think they'd want to know about it and not about the big litter box in which we shit? We ran away most of the time. Once I stalked them and they thought that a crime. I gave a little growl and they stayed clear, quite afraid of my rhyming rear. I like when that comes to pass. Can't beat a ruling little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.