Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Lucky What In A Rut?

Heard it here.
Heard it there.
Some a cheer.
Some a scare.

A knowing road.
A little cat rant.
Still a load,
Here at my plant.

Insecure at play.
Let's beat it.
Easy at any bay.
Just do this shit.

What the fluck.
Pass the buck.
Grab___for luck.
Through the muck.

A lucky foot.
A lucky number.
Brain of soot?
I think I'll slumber.

Lucky underwear.
Lucky socks.
See my glare?
Care to buy some stocks?

But luck is true.
It is grand.
Work comes due,
Here in my land.

666 stopped me.
13 did too.
Unlucky spree,
Here at my zoo.

All based on this.
My insecurity at play.
Underwear is bliss.
13th floor is dismay.

So insecure.
I need that.
Luck has an allure.
Even if it is scat. 

Get the cat? Luck is scat. Heard luck was a reason the other day. Pfffft is all I can say. You'll never make any insecurity go away if you rely on a figment of your imagination at your bay. I suppose that could make a story come due. So could be a lose-win at your zoo. Get rid of the fake luck thing and out some insecurity may go at your wing. All that bad or good luck stuff in mass can simply kiss my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Day Beam Of A Stream!

Or should that be dream? A dream stream? Dream team? We'll stick with beam and stream. Can't be too predictable at my sea. I can, but there is no need to be. Have I bored you yet? Then this post has set.

Off you go.
Thoughts sure flow.
Flow out the window.
Off you go.

Staring away.
Night or day.
Mind at play.
Staring away.

Wouldn't that be nice.
If only you could afford the price.
Your little happy Earth slice.
Wouldn't that be nice.

That would be grand.
Love hand in hand.
Together you would stand.
That would be grand.

You being in the know.
Could win some dough.
Or make some dough.
You being in the know.

What could have been.
Scratch your chin.
A whole different inn.
What could have been.

If that was you.
Dreams by a few.
Would it be true?
If that was you.

The old what if.
Take a sniff.
Got a good whiff?
The old what if.

Staring away.
Night and day.
Mind at play.
Staring away.

Off you've gone.
One big con.
Nothing it did spawn.
Off you've gone.

Don't you love day dreaming? One big mind streaming. A stream that will probably never come due. Why? Because you are too busy day dreaming at your zoo. Maybe if dream meant do it would come through. But then you need a little to get the thought. All in moderation with the day dream plot. Did day dreaming come to pass? I know, today I was such a repeat rhyming little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Monday, February 27, 2017

A Safe Bet Not A Pet!

The cat won't be talking about Spot or Fluffy. We wouldn't want dogs or poofy cats getting huffy. Actually the cat would but we do that all the time at our hood. A different huff and puff comes from today's pet umm stuff.

Come here, Pooky Bear.
Umm blank stare.
Oh that sure tickles.
Stop it, Kitten Pickles.

Now let's cuddle.
Get close to me, Love Puddle.
Stop with the name drops.
That is better, Pudgy Pops.

Now, now, don't cry.
Come here, Cow Pie.
Don't move like a slug.
Get to it, Bed Bug.

Get me the ice cream scooper.
Thanks for the assist, Juicy Pooper.
I think you have a winky.
I got it for you, Binky.

I need some money.
Thanks a lot, Funny Hunny.
I love how your butt wiggles.
Keep doing that, Giggles.

You threw me for a loopie.
I'm making up words, Poopie.
The fun will never stop.
Play with me, Soda Pop.

Come get some hanky panky.
Hurry it up, Yankee.
You are better than the jocks.
I hope you know that, Furry Socks.

Let's do some back flips.
Join me soon, Sweetie Hips.
I tell you no lies.
Believe me, Bashful Eyes.

Don't stop your embrace.
Hold me close, Sex Face.
Go and grab a toy.
We'll enjoy it, Quirky Boy.

With you I'm never bored.
Let's go for a run, Ford.
I want you too,
My little Stinky Boo.

Did you have a pet name? I hope it is not that lame. Actually they may all be. But to each their own at their sea. The cat gets called a boob. Should I flush Pat down that white swirling tube? It's a loo if you don't know. Not sure he'd fit though. Hey, I am of the kiss ass feline class. An attention seeking little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.